About Us

Zist Azma Teb Company was founded in 2015 with the aim of introducing the most up-to-date rapid diagnostic laboratory test kits, and now, with the exclusive agency of reputable and multinational manufacturers all around the world (BIOSYNEX, NLM, VISGENEER, NORDITALIA, PROMISEMED, BIOPANDA), is one of the leaders in this field in our country, Iran. Since that year, we decided to provide services to diabetic patients, and based on this, we have now introduced a special glucometer to the Iranian market with the ability to speak in Farsi.


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By standing with our customers and business partners, Zist Azma Teb tries to be aware of their needs and expectations they may have of ZAT company. Listening to their voices, through our R&D team, enables Zist Azma Teb to capture new market need and come up with creative products to provide them.

Our goal is to provide innovative diagnostic tests to help physicians make faster and better medical diagnostic to deliver life-saving decisions. In this regard, we are committed to respect the rights of our customers in all cases during the various stages from ordering goods to delivery and after-sales services.