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Zist Azma Teb

Provide innovative diagnostic tests

Zist Azma Teb

Manufacturer of laboratory diagnostic kits

Exclusive representative of reputable and multinational companies

Zist Azma Teb

Provide innovative diagnostic tests

Zist Azma Teb

Zist Azma Teb Company was founded in 2015 with the aim of introducing the most up-to-date rapid diagnostic laboratory test kits, and now, with the exclusive agency of reputable and multinational manufacturers all around the world (BIOSYNEX, NLM, VISGENEER, NORDITALIA, PROMISEMED, BIOPANDA), is one of the leaders in this field in our country, Iran. Since that year, we decided to provide services to diabetic patients, and based on this, we have now introduced a special glucometer to the Iranian market with the ability to speak in ten languages. By standing with its customers and business partners, Zist Azma Teb tries to be aware of their requirements and expectations they may have of its products and services.
Zist Azma Teb is expanding its business through new product development strategy (molecular diagnostic kits production) and technology transfer strategy from European countries (Glucometer and Test Strip).

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The goal of Zist Azma Teb Company is to provide medical and laboratory equipments with the highest quality for health centers in order to improve health in Iran. In this regard, Zist Azma Teb Company has provided innovative permanent solutions. The company intends to produce high quality products with the most up-to-date international standards and serve domestic and foreign markets.


Zist Azma Teb Company is one of the leaders in the supply of medical diagnostic products in Iran, which is associated with many reputable international companies and has the exclusive agency of well-known and multinational companies from all around the world. Also, Zist Azma Teb Company has now introduced an accurate glucometer to the Iranian market that has the ability to speak in Farsi.


  • Respecting the rights of customers in various stages from sales order management to delivery and after-sales service
  • Effective communication with customers
  • Pay attention to the staffs and their families
  • Continuous planning for organizational excellence and productivity
  • Develop a culture of learning, innovation and creativity


NLM Company

NLM is an Italian Company with over 30 years of experience in the field of laboratory diagnostics. NLM Company has UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and UNI EN ISO 13485: 2012 certifications


VISGENEER is a biotechnology company based in Taiwan. Visgeneer aims to produce biomedical products in the fields of “medical equipment”, “cosmetics”, “bacterial fermentation” and “cancer gene identification”.


BIOSYNEX, a company based in France, was founded in 2005 and specializes in the design and distribution of rapid diagnostic tests (RDT). Today, Biosynx is the market leader in RDT in France. Biosynx sells its products in about 60 different countries around the world.


With more than 20 years’ experience of R&D, production and marketing team in medical field, Promisemed Medical Devices Inc. is aimed to developing, manufacturing and marketing premium quality diabetes care products all around the world for both individuals and professionals. Promisemed owns 100,000-class purified workshops for product…



Biopanda Reagents develops and manufactures in vitro test kits for clinical laboratories, veterinary practice, environmental protection, and food safety, both locally and globally. A key element of Biopanda’s strategy is to provide its customers with high quality products which will continue to meet the market needs and performance expectations.